SWG- Our Work to Date

May 27  (Special Session of Synod) 

  • HURRAY!  -- Values, Vision, Mission (VVM) & Implementation Plan receive strong endorsement from delegates  

  • So great to receive feedback from breakout groups to help us in our work going forward.  

  • Thank you, delegates, for sharing ...

    • your one-word descriptors for the Diocese, 

    • your hopes for this Special Session of Synod, 

    • how you see yourself and your community living into the VVM, and 

    • as we go forward in our future together, what you would pack and what you would leave behind. 

May 10

  • Reviewed "bridge" document that explains connection between Values, Vision, Mission (VVM) & Implementation Plan 

  • There are some questions on the drafts of the VVM and Plan sent out in Synod Packet #1-- let’s create a Q&A document for Packet #2 going out on May 23

  • Reviewed Unpacking/Packing/Repacking presentation that Bev will make at Synod 

May 3

  • Debrief of Diocesan Council feedback 

  • Discussed Resolutions for Synod and what needs to be done now

April 27-29  (Diocesan Council In-Person Meeting) 

  • Andrew leads discussion on Values, Vision and Mission (VVM) with Council

  • More detail needs to be added to Mission before sending VVM to Synod as a resolution 

  • Joanne leads discussion on the Implementation Plan;  need to delete the dates

April 19 

  • One final review of the draft Implementation Plan 

  • Remember, the Plan is not "set in stone" as it will need to be adapted as we go, but yes, it is ready to be included in our report for Synod Packet #1 and to go to Diocesan Council! 

  • Discussed progress on Values, Vision, Mission statement -- Yes, it too is ready to go forward to Synod delegates and Diocesan Council 

  • Report to Synod due … tomorrow! 

March 31

  • More work on the Implementation Plan -- almost there!    
  • Reviewed  "feasibility filter" for use with Diocesan Council's in-person meeting
  • Agreed on what will make up our report to Synod 

March 17 & 24 

  • BARDs visioning update from David, Bishop James and Andrew; more work to do here 
  • Take Vision  (and the Implementation Plan) to Diocesan Council (end of April), to Synod (end of May)? 
  • Yes, yet more work on the timing of the Implementation Plan 
  • Our chair, Joanne, announces her resignation (end of April). We are so grateful for her leadership.  

March 16

  • Thank you to BARDs for working on short-term vision, values, mission (priority recommendation) 
  • Thank you, Andrew and David, for prep work and to Andrew for facilitating!   

March 3 & 10 

  • Worked on the timing of the recommended actions that form the Implementation Plan 
  • Learned how to use Miro Board software (new to most of us). We like it!

February 23

  • Farewell and Godspeed to Rita;  welcome to Bishop James 
  • Discussed submission of SWG update to The High Way -- thank you to John Lavender for squeezing us in! 
  • Time to nail down the Implementation Plan; we will meet Fridays until it is done....

February  1 

  • Debriefed the Town Halls 
  • Developed report on the Town Halls and next steps for Diocesan Council 

January 13, 17 & 18, 2023 (Virtual Town Halls) 

HUGE, HEARTFELT thanks to all who attended the town halls, for listening, for sharing your thoughts.  

Taking away Bishop Lynne and SWG "screens" for each session, 44 attended on Friday, 60 on Tuesday, 44 on Wednesday afternoon, 59 on Wednesday evening. Great! 

Also, HUGE, HEARTFELT thanks to everyone who has sent in your written thoughts  (10 and counting!)  

January 6, 2023 

"A Path Forward"  report is out!      

Bishop Lynne introduces the report by letter and with a video.

"This is our work together" -- everyone in the Diocese is invited to share ideas and comments about moving forward on the report.

December 15, 2022
-- Reviewed the work necessary to complete the Implementation Plan.
Lots of work to do here!
-- Reviewed key messages and timeline for December through January
-- Discussed setting up town halls for people to discuss report with
Bishop directly
 -- Began prioritizing actions

December 9, 2022
-- Received Diocesan Council's decisions related to A Path Forward
-- It's accepted... and now forward!
-- Discussed timing and ways to share report with everyone in the Diocese

November 18, 2022

-The Bishop joined us for part of our ongoing reflections on "what next?" and thanks to her for her time and thoughts 

-Worked on a report to go to Diocesan Council for its December 6 meeting 

-Title of Report?  A Path Forward! 

October 28, 2022

-Continued our discussion of current realities in the Diocese in light of discussion at the Special Session of Synod

-Are our terms of reference valid? 

-What next steps might we recommend to the Bishop and Diocesan Council?  

October 7, 2022 

-Debriefed Special Session of Synod / SWG presentation / Breakout group results 

-Huge thanks to all delegates for feedback on the Primary Focus Areas (PFAs) -- most enlightening and helpful!  

-Delegate ranking of PFAs (most important to least):  Transitioning Ministries, Property, Cultivating Partnerships, Communications, Diocesan Vision, Administrative Efficiencies, New Witnessing Communities, Governance Renewal

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