Annual Parish Stats Forms- email for 2022 forms

Bishop's Parish Visit Form

Clergy Vacation/Continuing Education Report Form

Confirmation Candidates' Form

Technology Support/ Creative Ministry Fund Application

Criminal Record Checks - Employees and volunteers who work with the vulnerable sector (children, youth, elderly) require criminal record checks. 2022- Policy update in progress.

Expense Claim Form

Lay Ministry License Application Form (revised May 2022)

Monthly Parish Remittance Form

Personnel Commission Nomination Form

Pre-Authorized Giving Form (PAG) March 25, 2020

Pre-authorized Payment Form (PAP) (Revised Dec 2017)

Remittance Form (revised Nov. 2019)

Parish Rental (Temporary Occupancy) Form- under policy 5.2.7

Rufus Gibbs Trust Application - considered by Prov. House of Bishops. Application deadline October 31

Workers' Compensation Form - submit a request to Teresa Kennedy,