1. Definition of terms:

1.1 Inquirer: A person who is considering that he/she may be called to ordained ministry, wants to learn more about the discernment process, and wants to explore the willingness of the Parish/Congregation to support that process.

1.2 Candidate: A person, who can articulate a sense of call, has met with the Parish/Congregation leaders, the Bishop and has the permission and support of both the Bishop and the Parish/Congregation to formally enter the discernment and training process of the programme.

1.3 Postulant: A person who has completed, or nearly completed, the discernment and training process, has met with the Examining Chaplains, attended a Diocesan Advisory Committee on Postulants for Ordination (ACPO), met with the Bishop and has permission from the Bishop to proceed at some future date to ordination.

1.4 Ordinand: A person who has been through the programme, whom the Bishop has decided to ordain and who has written a covenant with his/her Parish/Congregation.

1.5 Deacon: A person who is ordained or received by the Diocese of Kootenay, whose discernment and training are recognized by the Diaconal Commission and affirmed by the Bishop.

1.6 Diaconal Commission: The Diaconal Commission advises the Bishop on the suitability of candidates for the Diaconate, in the Diocese of Kootenay.

1.7 Incumbent: An incumbent is a priest appointed by the Bishop to be responsible for a parish. A team ministry arrangement may include a missioner, who may carry out duties that this document assigns to the incumbent.