Deacons Appendix D: Recommended Reading

The book the Diaconal Commission recommends for discernment groups to use as they learn about discernment is:

Listening Hearts, Discerning Call in Community

Suzanne G. Farnham Joseph P. Gill
R. Taylor Maclean Susan M. Ward

ISBN: 0-8192-1563-5

The book is available from the Anglican Book Centre/Augsburg Fortress Press, for about $18.00. Should this book prove to be unavailable, consult with the Diaconal Commission about a suitable replacement.

The books the Diaconal Commission recommends for discernment/support groups to use to identify outreach ministries in their communities are:

Living the Kingdom in Our Neighbourhood

Learning About Ourselves, Our Communities and Our Mission

Level 1 Level 2

Author: Cheryl Bradbee

The books are available from:

The Navigator Resource Centre Box 2707 (11 St. John Dr. Arva) London, Ontario, Canada
N5X 3X5

Telephone 1-800-839-4769
Each book costs about $10.00 plus tax

The Director of Deacons has copies of the Living the Kingdom books, if a Parish wishes to see them.


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