July 2022 Update: Please note Praesidium has changed the name of the "A Day at DayCamp" module to "Keeping Your Day Camp Safe". 

July 2022 Update: If you have "telephone tree" volunteers who are in a position of trust or authority over vulnerable people, they should have a vulnerable sector check done and complete the same training as a "high risk" category LLM per the guides below.

The Safe Church Training and Criminal Record Check Program was reviewed and revised in June 2022. The below documents act as a guide to the program.

Letter from Bishop Lynne on the Safe Church Program + Sexual Misconduct Policy

June 2022 Safe Church CRC Program Introduction.pdf
This document outlines the program objective, how to obtain training, when training should be renewed as well as information on the criminal records program

June 2022 Safe Church Role Risk Assessment Guide .pdf
This guide provides a list of roles and their related risk level in order to determine the type of training and criminal record check that may be required 

June 2022 Safe Church Modules.pdf
This document outlines the specific training modules required by each role

June 2022 Sexual Misconduct Policy.pdf
Volunteers and staff are required to read and sign-off (appendix G) on the sexual misconduct policy. This can be done via Praesidium. The policy was revised in June 2022. 

Guide to the Skillsoft Module

For assistance with safe chuch training or criminal record checks email admin@kootenay.info