Supporting One Another
At Synod 2023, our diocesan community of communities committed to supporting one another in renewing our commitment to, and pursuing God’s mission in these concrete ways:
  • Hiring a coordinator to facilitate the work of missional renewal
  • Facilitating parish-led discernment processes in service of the following goals:
    • Providing a reality check (where are we now?)
    • Identifying community gifts and the world’s needs
    • Setting and prioritizing missional objectives by discerning how God is inviting each community to use its gifts in response to the world’s needs
  • Providing specific support to parishes wishing to set and prioritize missional objectives through
    • Offering focused leadership formation opportunities 
    • Compiling, developing and sharing tools for parishes 
    • Seeding imagination through examples and case studies of imaginative, possible, and proven ministry transformations