At Diocesan Synod in 2021, people from all over the Diocese of Kootenay affirmed a motion to review the ways in which we structure and organize ourselves as a diocese. Through this motion, the Structures Working Group was formed and tasked with critically examining what structures and processes are and are not working to serve God’s mission in this diocese.

The Working Group is currently in a research and consultation phase, seeking to understand the strengths and weaknesses, the opportunities and challenges of our current diocesan structures. At Diocesan Synod on October 1, 2022, this group will engage Synod members in further consultation before moving forward with recommendations. 

Throughout this time, all people and parishes of the Diocese of Kootenay are invited to join together in this prayer for renewal and guidance as we seek to embrace God’s future, together.

A Prayer for Renewal
O God who knows the needs of the Church in every place:
by the light of your Holy Spirit, guide us
as we seek to respond faithfully to you in this time.

May we open our hands to the future you call us to;
May we open our hearts to those you are calling us to serve;
May we open our minds to new insight and new knowledge;
May we open our doors to go out towards those you would have us meet.

Lead us into your future together;
help us to build trust and resilience in our common life;
help us to anticipate and celebrate new possibilities.
We pray these things in the name of Jesus,
the one who invites us into the newness of life.

Further updates will be available soon on the SWG page.