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The Primate of the Anglican Church, The Most Reverend Linda Nicholls, announced today at the National House of Bishops meeting in Niagara Falls that she will be retiring on September 15th, 2024 

You can find bellow a her announcement :

A message to the Anglican Church of Canada

In the fall of 2024 I will complete thirty-nine years of ordained ministry in the Anglican Church of Canada.   Although it had been my hope to continue until General Synod 2025, I will also reach our mandatory retirement age.   I have therefore written to the Senior Metropolitan, Archbishop Anne Germond, to offer my resignation as of September 15, 2024.    

When I began ordained ministry I had no idea of the adventures and privilege that lay ahead of me serving as a deacon and priest in three parishes;  in the national office in the Faith, Worship & ministry department; as a suffragan bishop in the Diocese of Toronto; as diocesan bishop of the Diocese of Huron and, in these past nearly five years, as Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada.  

The greatest joy has been to share in the relationship between God and God’s people through pastoral care, preaching, teaching and sacramental ministries and advocate for justice and compassion for all.   To see God at work bringing healing and hope in the midst of the sorrows, pain and joy of daily life for individuals, families, communities and our wider world is a privilege that cannot be measured.   I have also delighted in bringing the voice of the wider church – across Canada and the world – into parishes and dioceses through being present on Zoom or in person in travelling coast to coast.

Initially, after retirement, time for rest without the responsibilities of leadership will be welcome.    Then I will enjoy walking with God’s people, not as a leader, but as a friend, teacher and mentor alongside opportunities that allow my soul to sing – literally and figuratively.   

Thank you for the privilege of serving our beloved church.  Thank you for your prayers, care and support through the good times and the difficult ones.    

May God grant us all courage to confess Jesus Christ as Lord 

and to proclaim with joy the good news of the Gospel wherever we may be!

Thanks be to God,

 Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!!

The Most Rev. Linda Nicholls

Archbishop & Primate