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The following is a summary of the Diocesan Council meeting from January 9th, 2024

The Diocesan Council Report for January highlighted the appointment of Chris Parsons as the new Executive Officer for the Diocese, along with upcoming events such as the service for his collation and the installation of Andrew Stephens-Rennie.

The Archbishop discussed the Epiphany Book Study and reported on various matters, including the resignation of Canon Nick Pang. The Executive Officer’s report indicated a smooth transition, and there were updates on old business, including the Structures Working Group and OAC Steering Committee.

Financial matters, such as the Kootenay Fair Share and Investment Committee, were discussed, along with correspondence addressing questions from a parish about the KFS and Diocesan Budget.

The Refugee Sponsorship Report called for a committee to support the Diocesan Coordinator, and plans were discussed for hosting Primate Linda Nicholls during Holy Week.