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Dear People of the Diocese of Kootenay,
I am excited to be returning to the diocese, this time as Executive Officer. I have always believed that we love people by administering well. As I settle into Kootenay, I look forward to reflecting theologically with leaders in the diocese about the needs of their communities and our shared institutions, participating in teams that will come to decisions about our direction, and implementing the practicalities of our vision. Part of my vocation is to love people by doing this work carefully and well.
One of my teachers has said that the more noble an institution’s purpose, the more fragile its container. I am convinced that the work of the Executive Officer of this diocese is to help maintain the strengths of this particular container through which we participate in God's gathering of all things into Christ, while never allowing the container itself to become our defining purpose.
Since I was last among you, I worked for 3 years in the Diocese of Huron, primarily doing interim and transitional work with congregations. I then spent two years in Saskatoon as Director of Operations for Lutheran Theological Seminary. Most recently, I have been working with Great Plains College in Martensville, SK, as a student adviser in an Adult Basic Education program. I have discovered that priestly ministry can take many forms!
My husband Bill, our son Charles, and I look forward to our move to Kelowna in mid-April. We are eager to reconnect with friends and colleagues, to thaw out in milder winters, and to taste the wonderful fruits of the earth that define the Okanagan! Our elder son, Richard, will join us from time to time as his life permits. Bill will continue in his role as President of Lutheran Theological Seminary, splitting his time among Saskatoon, Kelowna, and travelling throughout western Canada. 
Blessings and peace,
Rita Harrison