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We are pleased to announce that The Rev. Christopher (Chris) Parsons will be appointed Executive Officer, effective January 1, 2024. Until that time, we are grateful to The Right Reverend James Cowan who will continue as our Interim Executive Officer. 
Chris originally comes from the Vancouver area, with family roots in the Kootenays. Chris has had a wide and varied ministry experience that extends from the Diocese of Malaita in the Solomon Islands where he worked a 5-point parish as a transitional deacon, to working in the Diocese of B.C. Aside from being the rector of various parishes, he held responsibilities as Chair of the Ordination Committee and as a member of two Diocesan working groups focused on diocesan restructuring.  Later, Chris worked in the midst of the Black Forest in Freiburg, Germany for the Church of England, ministering to a multi-national and multi-denominational parish, as well as being a Spiritual Director for the Diocese in Europe. Since 2020 Chris has built up a valued ministry at St. Paul’s, Newmarket in the Diocese of Toronto, where he was also Liturgical Officer for the Northern Region of the diocese.  

Chris is married to Anke Rohleder, a fellow graduate of the Vancouver School of Theology.  Anke currently works as chaplain in a LTC home.  Chris and Anke have two wonderful daughters, Hannah and Lucia.  Hannah is studying for a degree in Behaviour Sciences and Lucia is completing her final year of High School.  Part of their family is also their 14-year-old rescue dog, Skippy (we won’t mention the guinea pigs, finches and budgies). For recreation, Chris enjoys hiking, mountain biking, canoeing, board games, Star Trek and fly fishing.  Chris hopes that his gifts can further the exciting ministries in the Diocese of Kootenay and that he will become a valued member of the Diocese.