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March 22, 2024

To:  Clergy and Synod Delegates, Chancellor, Diocesan Officers, Special Guests

Re:   65th Session of Synod of the Diocese of Kootenay, May 23-26, 2024

The Archbishop, in consultation with the Diocesan Council, hereby summons the 65th Synod of the Diocese of Kootenay to meet on Thursday, May 23, 2024 at 7:00 p.m. PDT for opening worship. Our meetings continue through Friday and Saturday, concluding with a worshipful celebration at St. Michael and All Angels Cathedral at 10 am on Sunday, May 26. This is the first regular in-person Synod since 2018!  

All delegates must be able to receive documents electronically.  Registration information will be sent to delegates April 24, 2024

Synod Theme
This year’s Synod theme is taken from Hebrews 10:24-25

Gather Together | Encourage one Another | Provoke to Love

This Synod we will continue to engage the Values, Vision, and Mission we adopted last year:  Wholehearted Worship, Daring Discipleship, Right Relationship, Thriving Communities.

The delivery of our first Synod packet will include questions for engagement with this theme and our shared mission.

Resolution and Nomination Deadlines

Rule of Order 3.1 requires that:

 “All resolutions or notices of motion, with the names of the mover and seconder, shall be submitted to the Resolutions Committee not less than forty-five (45) days before the date set for the Session of the Synod at which they are intended to be presented.” 

To ensure adequate preparation time, notices of motion must be received at the synod office by April 8, 2024. Please note that late resolutions submitted within forty-five (45) days of the session of Synod “shall be presented in writing, with the names of the mover and seconder, to the Resolutions Committee” with an indication of the reason the deadline was not met.  

This year at our Synod we will elect our delegates for General Synod 2025, which will also be an electoral Synod for our next Primate.  Kootenay will elect: 

  • 1 Youth Delegate (16-26 years), (and one alternate Youth delegate)
  • 2 Lay Delegates (and one alternate Lay delegate)
  • 2 Clergy Delegates (and one alternate Clergy delegate)
  • Our Bishop

Future mailings will give further details and nomination forms.  We will also nominate delegates for the Provincial Synod,  September 20-22,  2024.  We will also elect members of Diocesan Council for the next three years.   Nomination forms will be available on the  Synod resource page on the Diocesan Website by April 12.  Deadline for Nominations is Friday, May 12, 2024.

Relevant Dates

  • April 8, 2024 Deadline for submission of resolutions and notices of motion
  • April 24, 2024 Distribution of Synod Packet #1
  • April 29 - May 12, 2024 Regional Meetings of delegates to discuss Packet #1. 
                                             Election of Regional representatives
  • May 12, 2024 Deadline for nominations, late resolutions, and questions
  • May 15,  2024 Distribution of Synod Packet #2

All submissions must be provided electronically by the above deadlines to Carlos Ferreira at

Calling all youth!  Please ensure that your region elects a youth delegate to Synod.  Regional Deans and Members of Regional Council must take responsibility to convince one young person (16 to 25) to become a Regional Youth Delegate for Synod.  Other Young people could actually be elected as the Regional Lay Delegate as well.  

I ask you to pray for the Synod, the Synod Planning Committee, and your parish delegates in the weeks leading up to Synod. May the Spirit of God who enlivens the people of God, bless our preparations that this 65th Synod of the Anglican Diocese of Kootenay might be a rejuvenating gathering. As we gather together, may we encourage one another and provoke each other to love, as we deepen our Diocese’s participation in God’s mission. May all delegates be blessed as they prepare to attend. I look forward to welcoming you on May 23rd!

Yours in Christ,

The Most Rev. Dr. Lynne McNaughton
Archbishop of Kootenay 

The Rev. Sue Basek
Clerical Secretary of Synod

Ms. Lyn Longair
Lay Secretary of Synod