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Dear People of Kootenay,
Yesterday at Lambeth Palace the Lambeth conference worked on the Lambeth Call on Environment and Sustainable Development.
Our speakers included:

Elizabeth Watuti from Kenya, a youth delegate at COP 26 and founder of "Green Generation".   She asked us to allow ourselves to feel the devastation of the sacred earth because we need "heart" to make change.  She made an urgent appeal for us to use our power to call on governments and businesses to follow through on promises to invest in clean energy.

Another powerful speaker was Bishop Marinez of Amazonia in Brazil, highlighting the poor and Indigenous victims of climate change that is caused by the most powerful. She urged us to live the fifth mark of mission (to safeguard the life of the Earth). The Moment is Now!
We had a tree planting liturgy to launch the "Communion Forest" project, for protecting and restoring forests and other habitats. On paper cards in the shapes of leaves, we wrote out our pledges and commitments for more actions to protect the earth;  these 1600"leaves" were posted up on cardboard trees in the garden.
We had a prayer walk around the Lambeth Garden.
We prayed for the millions of people who are not responsible for climate change but are the victims of it. Here is one of the prayers on that walk:

Lord Jesus Christ,
when stormy waves of fear 
and rising tides of danger distress us,
you shelter us in your strong heart
and you hold us steady with your wounded hands.
From the unshakeable certainty of  your love
send out a flood of peace and rivers of justice.
Open up a fountain of health
to cleanse, refresh and renew us.
Gather the whole wide world
into the safety of your embrace.  Amen.
(Archbishop Kay Goldsworthy- Perth, Australia)

We repent for our negligence leading the earth to be in peril
from loss of habitats and species.
Help us to be caretakers of your gifts, protecting the land
from abuse, and ready to share with all in need.
May we cherish and care for your good creation.
(The Late Bishop Ellinah Wamukoya- Swaziland)

Give us the grace to wonder at your gift, 
to treasure the earth, 
and to work for its protection and renewal,
so all may flourish together.

Yours in Christ,

Photo Descriptions from Bishop Lynne:

1. End of our day at Lambeth palace, we avoided London rush hour by taking a boat trip from Lambeth palace to Woolwich.   The tower bridge from the water.

2.  At Lambeth palace, environmental groups.  One of the hardest things is hearing the tragic heartbreaking stories from fellow bishops about the impacts of the climate crisis on the poorest. For example, in my Bible study the young Bishop of South Sudan spoke of fracking leaks into their well water that has caused birth defects in their babies and livestock.  The high hidden cost of oil.  

3. The Archbishop of Canterbury planted an oak tree in the Lambeth garden (the oldest known garden in England, named in the Domesday book in 1086).  This is me adding soil. This symbolic tree is the beginning of the Communion Forest, a global project for reforestation.

4. Gerald and me at the lunch in the garden at Lambeth palace (with 1600 guests!)

5. Some of the other people at our table, a bishop from Jamaica, a bishop from North India and his wife. 
6.  Gerald and I sitting in the Lambeth garden.  It was 29 above and humid!