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Pictured above: Bishop Lynne and her husband Gerald following the group photo session at Lambeth Conference. 

Day 3 at Lambeth

Dear People of Kootenay,

In the morning we continued with the Bishops' Retreat in Canterbury Cathedral, closing with a eucharist.  The two addresses were given by Dr. Paulo Ueti, TEAC (Theological Education in the Anglican Communion) and the Anglican Alliance, Brazil (his address was given in Portuguese; we have headphones with translations), and The Rev. Canon Jenn Strawbridge, Associate Professor in New Testament Studies at Oxford University, UK.

I commend to you the keynote address of The Archbishop of Canterbury from Friday evening (see below). It was excellent, a powerful plea to not be distracted by our inner disagreements in the church but to engage with the world.  In the shock waves of change, he commended the passionate commitment of young generations to justice and planet-wellness.

Yours in Christ,