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In a post-Christian age we often still teach as though our hearers still know the basics. But often they don't. Often we don't.

Seminary grads are eager to pass on what we learned from the academy. But our hearers often need much, much more basic teaching. How do I pray? Like, how do I hold my hands? What do I say? What do we hope will happen? If Christendom was a time when we could refresh and remind people of what they already knew, post-Christendom is a time of catechesis. This is not dumbing down. It is passing on wisdom.

A Hybrid Event

Join us in person at St. Andrew's Hall or online via Zoom for this free evening lecture. Please note the lecture will be recorded. register now to attend this event!

About Our Speaker

Jason Byassee is the senior pastor at Timothy Eaton Memorial Church. He is from North Carolina originally, his wife Jaylynn is from west Texas, and they both love pastoring as transplants to the United Church of Canada. Jason has worked previously as a seminary professor in Vancouver, as a pastor in British Columbia and North Carolina, and a journalist in Chicago.

He has studied at Davidson College (B.A.) and Duke University (M.Div. & Ph.D.), written or co-edited more than 20 books, and lectured or preached in eight Canadian provinces, 26 US states, and seven other countries. He has written some 350 articles in such diverse venues as Christian Century, the Vancouver Sun, Theology Today, Sojourners, and Religion News Service.

He’s also a nerd (Star Wars, LOTR, Eagle Fang karate, Louise Penny novels—this list could expand) but mostly he is a church nerd. He’d visit any church anywhere across the world.

If you’re a keener, check out his credentials and work at You can also find him on Facebook, Twitter (@jasonbyassee) and Insta (realjasonbyassee).

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