Licensed Lay Ministers (LLMs) perform a valuable and honoured leadership role in the church.  They undertake the work of the laity in a publically visible way, in the context of the church’s worship and work. They are locally trained and are licensed by the Bishop to one or more of five specific ministries under the supervision of an incumbent or priest-in-charge.

Is God calling you to live out your baptism in public ministry?
Licensed Lay Ministers (LLMs) are baptized laypersons serving in God’s church. They work on a part-time, volunteer basis in their local churches and are supported by local clergy.

Are you willing to visit those who cannot attend regular church services?
LLMs serve their communities in many ways. One important LLM function is visiting people who want to be connected to the church even though they are unable to attend regular church services.

Are you interested in leading worship for the elderly in care homes?
Many LLMs lead services in care homes and other community facilities.

Are you called to participate in God's healing ministry?
LLMs are licensed by the Bishop. LLMs participate in many different ministries, including laying on of hands and anointing, which are part of God’s healing work in the world.

Guide to Licensed Lay Ministers

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