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Diaconal Studies 101- August/September 2022

Western Educational Collaborative Anglican Network (WECAN) Courses- 2022/2023

Be transformed by the renewing of your minds.  Romans 12:2

As of June 1, 2018, The Rev. Dr. Stuart Brown is the Principal of the Kootenay School of Ministry.  Dr. Brown has a PhD in Islamic Studies and has taught all over the world.  He was ordained priest in 2012 and recently moved from Aklavik, NT to Vernon.

The Kootenay School of Ministry runs courses to prepare Locally Trained PriestsDeacons, and Licensed Lay Ministers for ministry work.  

These courses are open to anyone who is interested; they are valuable for any Christian.  Ordained clergy may find them especially useful as a form of continuing education.  All classes function at a seminary level, and are designed to be accessible to people with a variety of educational backgrounds.  Faculty are qualified and expert in their respective fields, and are excellent teachers.  Our time together is meant to be fun, and it’s also a solid learning experience.

We offer high quality courses, taught by experienced instructors and leaders, and the conversation with other students is stimulating and enriching. Each course can be taken for credit toward a diploma or individually for interest.  Credit students will have assignments to complete, and there are no assignments for those taking the course for interest (audit). At the current costs of a course they are among the best bargains in education anywhere.  Do keep us and all our students in your prayers that we might all be transformed in Christ by the renewing of our minds.