The Rev. Henry Irwin (1859 - 1902), affectionately known as "Father Pat" because of his Irish heritage, is one of the "saints" of the Dioceses of Kootenay and New Westminster.   Born in Ireland, he was interested in doing missionary work even before he completed his Oxford degree (Keble College) and his first curacy (Rugby.)   He came to Canada and served Kamloops, Donald, New Westminster, Nelson, Rossland, Windermere, Penticton, Fairview and points in between, covering miles each day on his horse, Tom.  In 1909, Anne Mercier wrote a book about Father Pat.  Below you will find links to the entire book.

Mercier, Anne.  Father Pat:  A Hero of the Far West.  Gloucester:  Minchin & Gibbs, 1909 and c. 1968 Okanagan Historical Society.

Introduction (7 pp.)

    Cover, Cover Page, Dedication, Notice, and

    Preface by the Rt. Rev. John Dart, Second Bishop of New Westminster

Table of Contents (pp. 11-12)

Chapters 1-3 (pp. 13-34)

    Chapter 1:  Home and School Life

    Chapter 2:  At Keble College, Oxford

    Chapter 3:  His First Curacy - Rugby

Chapters 4-6 (pp. 35-58)

    Chapter 4:  In Kamloops, British Columbia

    Chapter 5:  Among the Selkirks

    Chapter 6:  Letters

Chapters 7-9 (pp. 59-79)

    Chapter 7:  In New Westminster, British Columbia

    Chapter 8:  A Quiet Time

    Chapter 9:  A New Beginning

Chapters 10-13 (pp. 80-110)

    Chapter 10:  Snap-Shots

    Chapter 11:  "The Prospector"

    Chapter 12:  The End

    Chapter 13:  Memorials

Photos (pp. 1-16)