Diocesan Council meets monthly to do the work of Synod in between Synods. The Administration and Finance Committee is a subcommittee of Diocesan Council which meets as needed.

Diocesan Council meetings take place the first Tuesday of each month (6:30pm-8:30pm PST)

Roles and Responsibilities of Diocesan Council


Bishop of Kootenay:  Lynne McNaughton
Dean of Kootenay:  David Tiessen
Chancellor & Registrar:  Geord Holland
Vice-Chancellor: Vacant
Treasurer:  Monty Tuck
Clerical Secretary:  Sue Basek
Lay Secretary:  Deb Saffin
North Okanagan Region:  Rick Pallen
Central Okanagan Region:  Michael Kalmuk
South Okanagan Similkameen Region:  Paul Glen
West Kootenay Region:  Sue Basek
East Kootenay Region:  Anne McMichael
Executive Officer:  Alan Akehurst (interim)
Youth Rep:  vacant
Neil Elliot
Austin Spry
Cathy Haig
Pam Harris
Judith Karding