Administration Committee- Bishop Lynne McNaughton

Bishop's Committee on Ministry- Marcella Mugford, Chair

Canon Pastor to Retired Clergy- Vacant

Clergy Conference Planning Committee

Compensation Committee

Diaconal Commission- Chris Ross (Archdeacon), Chair

Diocesan Council- Bishop Lynne McNaughton

Efm Canada Board- Catherine Dafoe Hall, Director

Examining Chaplains- Alan Akehurst, Chair

Greater Clercius- Bishop Lynne McNaughton, Chair

Investment Committee

Licensed Lay Ministry Commission- Pam Harris, Chair

Locally-Trained Priests Commission

Camp OAC Board- Ian Dixon, Director

PWRDF Diocesan Coordinators- Ruth Simpson, Jackie Leach

Refugee Sponsorship- Nick Pang, Chair

Spiritual Development Committee- Joanne Simpson, Chair

Social and Eco-Justice Working Group (Provincial)- Austin Spry, Cathy Haig

Structures Working Group- Joanne Simpson, Chair