Sunday, November 18, 2018 is Together in Mission Sunday. Here are some resources for your parish.

The TiM program has two funds for which parishes may apply - the Creative Ministries Fund and the Faith Formation Fund.  See them both on the Forms page under Resources (click here)

Click here for a letter from the TiM Continuing Committee
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Together in Mission launched on September 21, 2014. 

Campaign Prayer

God of creation, God of new creation,
you fill our world with wonder and delight;
you draw us into the circle of your healing and creative love;
you bless us beyond what we can ask or imagine.
Through your Holy Spirit you invite us to participate
with you in the healing of the world;
You call us to be wise and faithful stewards of all your blessings.
Kindle a vision of your gospel purposes in your church and for this diocese.
Ignite a passion to live abundantly in our congregations and parishes.
Stir us to be bold witnesses of all you are doing in the world,
and empower us together in your mission
to live faithfully, daringly, and hopefully
in Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.