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Delegates will stay at the Kelowna Inn (1070 Harvey @ Gordon). Please contact the hotel directly at 250-762-2533 or to reserve your room. The group booking name is "Kootenay Synod." Booking deadline is April 1. Parishes will pay for delegates on a room-sharing basis. Non-delegate spouses will be billed for half the room cost ($48.30 per night incl. tax) payable in advance.
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Meal package includes lunch and supper on Saturday, lunch on Sunday, and coffee breaks.
Our caterers are professional and will take your requests seriously.
Total room cost ($48.30 per night x no. of nights) plus total meal cost ($60 for meal package). Please make cheque payable to Diocese of Kootenay, mark it "Synod Spouse," and mail to #201-380 Leathead Rd, Kelowna, BC V1X 2H8
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