While the Diocese of Kootenay did not have any Indian Residential Schools, they supported schools across Canada through national Anglican initiatives.

  • 2009 The Kootenay Cares Campaign was launched to raise $275,000, which was Kootenay’s share of the Anglican Church of Canada’s Indian Residential School Settlement (IRS) Fund

  • 2014 The Diocese of Kootenay scanned over 2000 archival documents and submitted them digitally to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, (TRC) to be stored in a new National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation (NCTR) at the University of Manitoba.

  • 2016 – to this date, the Diocese of Kootenay has contributed over $195,000 to the Anglican Healing Fund to sponsor over 18 projects in the Diocese, in places such as Chase, Creston, Cranbrook and Penticton. As a response to the on-going legacy of the residential school system, grants from the healing fund are made to encourage and initiate programs that help heal, educate, and recover language and culture.

  • 2017 The Diocese of Kootenay donated its refund from the Residential School Settlement Fund to UBC to support a cultural safety curriculum addressing barriers facing indigenous people’s access to health care.

  • Some of our parishes are working to respond to the TRC Calls to Action for Churches.