6.1 LTPs are clergy. They are ordained for life and under authority, having taken the vows and made the oaths required by the canons of the Anglican Church of Canada. They function only with a licence or letter of permission from the Bishop and are accountable to the Incumbent of their Parish, or other person designated by the Bishop. They receive the clergy mailings of the Diocese and an invitation to the clergy retreat and clergy conference.

6.2 LTPs with a Licence from the Bishop shall attend and vote at Synod as members of the order of clergy, according to the process outlined in the Canons. Others with a Letter of Permission to officiate may attend Synod and vote according to the process outlined in the Canons.

6.3 LTPs are subject to all of the provisions of Canon Law regarding discipline and to all the policies and practices of this Diocese which apply to their order. There will be separate provisions for the term of appointment of an LTP which will be written into the Parish covenant.

6.4 LTPs will bear the title “The Reverend.”

6.5 LTPs may wear clerical collars when they are in a role of proclamation or witness. If vesting for the eucharist, the normal liturgical dress will be an alb and stole. If the priest is presiding, a chasuble will be the normal liturgical dress.

6.6 LTPs will carry out the traditional roles of priest in worship and ministry in ways which uphold and affirm the ministries of all baptized persons.

6.7 LTPs may be licenced to officiate at weddings, in particular circumstances and with appropriate training.

6.8 Normally, an LTP will not automatically have his/her Licence or Letter of Permission transferred to another Parish/Congregation or Diocese. LTPs who graduate from Kootenay School of Ministry, may or may not have their training recognized by another Diocese.

6.9 In the event that an LTP discerns a call to stipendiary priesthood, the process will be determined by the Bishop.

6.10 LTPs may attend regional, diocesan and national committees as a priest of this Diocese.

6.11 LTPs are required to maintain a schedule of continuing education, including the clergy retreat and conference. Continuing education will be a requirement for renewal of licences/letters of permission. Parishes are responsible for paying the full registration fee, travel at the diocesan rate, accommodation, and meal expenses for required events.

6.12 Other expenses that will be the responsibility of the congregation include:

When traveling within the congregational area where they have a license/letter of permission, they will not normally be reimbursed for travel.

When an LTP travels to another congregation within their parish, or within their region, but outside their congregation, they will be reimbursed mileage at the diocesan rate by the congregation receiving their service.

When an LTP takes a service or leads a workshop outside their region, they will receive mileage and an honorarium at the diocesan rate.