Definition of terms:

1.1 Inquirer:
A person who is considering that he/she may be called to ordained ministry, wants to learn more about the discernment process, and wants to explore the willingness of the Parish/Congregation to support that process.

1.2 Candidate:
A person who can articulate a sense of call, has met with the Parish/Congregation leaders, the Bishop and has the permission and support of both the Bishop and the Parish/Congregation to formally enter the discernment and training process of the programme.

1.3 Postulant:
A person who has completed, or nearly completed, the discernment and training process, has met with the Examining Chaplains, attended the Diocesan Advisory Committee on Postulants for Ordination (ACPO), met with the Bishop and has permission from the Bishop to proceed at some future date to ordination.

1.4 Ordinand:
A person who has been through the programme, whom the Bishop has decided to ordain and who has written a covenant with his/her Parish/Congregation.

1.5 Locally Trained Priest:
A person who is ordained or received by the Diocese of Kootenay, whose discernment and training are recognized by the Commission on Locally Trained Priesthood and affirmed by the Bishop.

1.6 Presbyter:
A presbyter is a priest.

1.7 Commission:
The Commission on Locally Trained Priesthood (hereinafter: Commission) advises the Bishop on the suitability of candidates for Locally Trained Priesthood in the Diocese of Kootenay.

1.8 Incumbent:
An incumbent is a priest appointed by the Bishop to be responsible for a parish. A team ministry arrangement may include a missioner, who may carry out duties assigned to the incumbent.