E. Locally Trained Priestly Covenants

E1 The original copy of the Covenant will be submitted to the Bishop for authorization.

E2 A Parish Covenant will normally have the following elements:

E2.1 The Mission statement of the Parish.

E2.2 A statement that identifies the area(s) of Parish ministry and that identifies how the LTP will provide leadership and/or support related to these area(s).

E2.3 A specific statement about working conditions, how many hours the LTP will engage in these ministries, how many Parish meetings will he/she be expected to attend, etc. The areas of ministry would normally include Regional, Diocesan and National Church commitments, as well as workplace ministries. There should be a statement noting that the LTP is non- stipendiary and also noting what expenses are to be covered by the Parish. For example, mileage incurred when engaged in priestly ministries, help with the costs of conferences and other priestly training events, and provision of holiday time and study leave. The statement should also note that the Parish must recognize the LTP’s paid employment and family commitments. These matters will be determined consistent with policies set by the Compensations Committee of the Diocese of Kootenay.

E2.4 A time and method by which an annual review of the Covenant will take place. The Covenant must be submitted to the Bishop, on or before Thanksgiving Sunday, for authorization. The LTP, at ordination, promises to accept the authority of the Bishop and the canons of the Diocese. As well, the LTP is accountable to the Incumbent in matters related to the Parish. That accountability will include consulting with and reporting to the Incumbent and in the absence of the Incumbent, the Wardens. The responsibility for regular meetings with the LTP resides with the Incumbent (Wardens).

E2.5 The LTP is expected to keep the support group for one year after she/he is ordained. The guidelines for support groups will continue to apply.

E2.6 The Covenant is to be signed by the LTP, and by the Incumbent and the Wardens on behalf of the Parish. The LTP, Incumbent, and Wardens will review the Covenant annually, and a report sent to the Bishop. The report should include input from the LTP and the Incumbent, about the LTP’s ministry in the Parish. It may also include input from the LTP’s support group.

E2 Sample Covenant Between An LTP And A Parish/Congregation

Note: This sample is not policy.

A COVENANT BETWEEN THE PARISH OF ______________________________



A. Parish Mission Statement

“We are an Anglican community that worships God, welcomes anyone who seeks to know Christ, and serves people in ________ and the world.”

B. Preamble

The Parish of St. _______ is a parish in transition. A recent parish survey has shown that St. ________’s is searching for ways to move from survival mode to become a thriving, growing parish. The people seek to grow spiritually and in their sense of community in order to effectively minister to themselves and to the surrounding community. The people seek vision for the future so they may serve God faithfully in this parish.

C. Priestly Statement

I, __________, having been called to be a priest, feel particularly called by the Bishop and the people of this Diocese to support priestly ministry both in the Diocese and in the Parish of St. _________. It is my strong conviction that the priest’s presence brings guidance to shape the life of the church community and God’s mission of the world to the church. I feel especially called to provide leadership which will support the people of the church in their spiritual journeys. Within the life of this parish, I offer my skills in work that encourages, strengthens and enables lay ministry, thus building the body of Christ and supporting the Parish Mission Statement.

D. Work of the Priest in the Parish

The Reverend _________ will:

1. Offer support and encouragement to the clergy, lay leaders, and encourage the baptismal ministry of all.

2. Assist the Parish to learn about and engage in personal spiritual growth, through preaching, Christian education and in the context of learning opportunities in the parish.

3. Support the pastoral ministry of the Parish and deepen Parish life by calling members of the Parish to a prayer ministry as well as training them for, and supporting them in, that prayer ministry.

4. Be a full, voting member of the following Committees: Program Committee, Liturgy Committee, and Christian Education Committee. Will also attend Church Committee meetings, but not be a voting member. Attend Clergy and Wardens meetings.

5. Participate in the 10:00AM service each Sunday when extra-parochial work does not require presence in another place. The Reverend ______ will inform the Incumbent in advance of each absence.

6. Preach once per month as arranged with the Incumbent at both the 8:00 and 10:00 am services and at ___________ facility.

7. Preside at services twice a month at St. _____________ and once a month at St. ________ and once a month in _________ facility.

8. Work an average of __________ hours per month (week), with a maximum of _____ hours per month (week).

9. Take a minimum of ____ weeks vacation each year, and sabbatical time of ________ within every ___ years of service.

E. Work of the Priest in the Wider Church:

The Reverend _______ will:

1. Participate as a representative of her/his order on the Diocesan Committees for ________________.

2. Participate in the activities of the local clericus.

3. Participate as appropriate and able in the life of the diocese through the Synod, gatherings of clergy in the region, and attend other clergy events in the diocese.

4. I agree to continue my education to enhance my ministry by taking further education in _________, following Diocesan guidelines and procedures on continuing education. The maximum cost to the congregation will be _______.

5. In respect of the foregoing and the demands of personal life, offer ___ hours per week to Parish ministry, including Sunday morning services.

6. Be reimbursed for mileage, at the diocesan rate, when taking services in their own region but outside their parish. They will be paid an honorarium and travel expenses, at the diocesan rate, when invited to take a service outside their region.

F. Accountabilities

The Reverend _______ will be accountable to the Bishop through the Incumbent and in his/her absence to the Wardens of the Parish of St. _______’s, in her/his work related to the Parish and will follow the doctrine and discipline of the Anglican Church and the Canons of the diocese.

G. Parish Covenant

The parish of St. ______ will support The Reverend _________’s ministry for the next year as follows:

The incumbent, wardens, and parishioners of St. __________’s will recognize the gift of time and leadership in ministry that he/she offers. While changes to this covenant may be negotiated from time to time they will not expect The Reverend________ routinely to exceed the hours of her/his commitment nor the nature of the responsibilities he/she has assumed.

Subject to the recommendations of the Administration and Finance Committee, the parish will include appropriate funds in the annual budget, from which The Reverend________ may claim actual expenses related to ministry.

Will include an appropriate amount in the annual budget of the parish for continuing education participating where possible in the Continuing Education Fund of the Diocese, should one be implemented.

Provide keys to the church building and access to meeting space, office space and equipment on a shared basis.

Be recognized as a full member of the clergy leadership team of the parish

Undertake to support The Reverend______ by praying for her/him, and by ensuring that there is excellent communication within the leadership and the Parish including a public recognition of this Covenant and his/her continuing ministry as an LTP in this parish.

H. Annual Review

The Incumbent, The Reverend ________, and the wardens will review this covenant collegially, each year in September. This review is of the performance of both the LTP and the parish represented by the wardens, as herein set down and the outcome will be reported to the Church Committee. A copy of this covenant will be sent to the Bishop of Kootenay.

We agree to and support this Covenant.

LTP _____________________________ Date ___________

Incumbent ________________________ Date ________________

Rector’s Warden _____________________ Date ________________

People’s Warden ______________________ Date ________________

Bishop of Kootenay______________________ Date ________________