Parish Cloth Hangings

Cloth hangings in the church are collectively referred to as paraments.

Altar frontals are called antependia

In the picture below, showing portions of an altar frontal from St. Agnes', Edgewood (now closed), the archivist points to an embroidered angel whose ponytail is made of real human hair.  The frontal was given to Edgewood by Lady Agnes Phillimore, after whom the church was named.  Her son, Stephen, was the first priest there.

                                                                                                Photo by gloria romaniuk

                                                                                                Photo by gloria romaniuk


This is what the frontal looked like when it was on the altar.


The picture below shows a "Mystery Frontal" found in the archives.  Do you know what church this is from?  If so, please contact us from the home page sidebar menu.