Becoming in Community

“There are so many different gifts that people carry with them .…that God has given them for the purpose of blessing the world….there is no church without lay ministry”.


St. Paul talks about the church as body where each part needs the other, and the whole only functions well when each part is being what it is called to be. It is the critical responsibility of every baptized Christian to be learning and growing and open to who God is asking them to become. Serving through and worshiping with your local church is an integral part of this discernment journey. Start by prayerfully asking:

What are you passionate about; what opens you to love the world?
Where is there a need in your parish?
Is there a need in your community that the church could help meet through you?
What would challenge you to grow as a disciple?

Click below for descriptions of some of the ministries you might find in your local church. Don’t let this list limit you or your parish. Ministries grow from our gifts and our gifts are many!