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Licensed Lay Ministers (LLMs) perform a valuable and honoured leadership role in the church. They undertake the work of the laity in a publically visible way, in the context of the church's worship and work. They are locally trained and are licensed by the Bishop to one or more of five specific ministries under the supervision of an incumbent or priest-in-charge.  

As of May 2013, the policy on Licensed Lay Ministry in the Diocese of Kootenay has been revised.  Click here to see the guidelines.

All candidates are required to take the module Understanding Lay Ministry.  This course by itself is not sufficient for licensing. Candidates must take one or more additional modules as required.  One of the changes is that there are now four licensing categories and course modules to address each category, as follows:

  • A. Leading public worship in Morning and Evening Prayer, including the reading of sermons or homilies authorized by the incumbent priest. Module: Basics of Liturgy

  • B. Leading services with Reserved Sacrament in hospitals, nursing and care homes, and home communions. Module: The Eucharist and the Life of the World

  • C. Preaching in public worship. Module: Preaching Course through the Kootenay School of Ministry

  • D. Laying-on of hands and anointing sick or distressed persons. Module: Laying-on of Hands and Anointing

Click here for information on upcoming course modules.

Once you have completed the required modules you may click here for an Application for Lay Ministry License form.

LLM Commissioning Service - Click here