7.1 LLMs are expected to meet with their Incumbents for a review every three years.

7.2 The review shall be conducted by the Incumbent, who shall submit a written report and submit it to the Synod Office for the Bishop’s consideration. Receipt of an acceptable report is a condition of re-licensing.

7.3 The review shall discuss:

a. Does the LLM still feel called to this ministry?
b. Do the Incumbent and Church Committee support the continuance of the LLM in this ministry?
c. Do significant others in the life of the LLM continue to support the LLM in this ministry?
d. What are the specific joys and challenges in this ministry?
e. Does the LLM feel adequately supported in this ministry?
f. Have continuing education requirements been fulfilled?
g. Are there areas in which the LLM feels inadequately equipped?
h. What learning does the LLM need or want over the next 3 years?
i. What will be the continuing education requirements for the next 3 years?
j. Please comment on the process of becoming an LLM and renewing your licence. Note that submissions in reply to this question (and this question only) will be submitted to the LLM liaison on the Bishop’s Committee on Ministry, to help with the Committee’s planning.