P101 Being Anglican
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Instructor: The Rev. Canon Dr. David Neelands, Dean Emeritus of Divinity, Trinity College, Toronto
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Dates: Eight Saturdays Sept. 14 - Nov. 9 10:00 am - 12:00 noon (no class November 2)
Cost: Available for KSM credit ($250) or audit ($99)

Anglicans are a family of Christians that share many things with other Christians and also have some distinctive character.  Together we will look at some assumptions and some habits that our communities have learned to value and to share.  This is not a course to make us feel better than other Christians, or worse.  Rather it is to help us work through some of the confusing debates we encounter on the way.  We are a large and beautiful family.  We don’t agree about everything, but we do have a witness and we do have work to do. The topics we will cover are as follows:

  • How did Anglicans get to be Protestant?  What was the Reformation all about for us?  Do the Thirty-Nine Articles mean anything now?

  • How do Anglicans share worship when they come together?  The long heritage of the Book of Common Prayer, and our Canadian Book of Alternative Services.

  • What about the Bible for Anglicans?

  • What do Anglicans think about their ministers: bishops, priests and deacons?

  • Do Anglicans pay attention to the wisdom of human culture?

  • Are there special traditions that Anglicans share?

  • How does an Anglican Church organize itself and make decisions?  What happens when things go wrong, like the Residential Schools?

  • Anglicans have a world-wide communion of churches.  How does that work?

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P102 Evangelism Remixed: Learning from Biblical Narratives of Conversion. REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED.
Instructor: The Rev. Dr. Judy Paulsen, Professor of Evangelism, Director of the Institute of Evangelism,
Wycliffe College, Toronto Click here to read more about the instructor
Dates: Thirteen Tuesdays Sept. 10 - Dec. 3. 11:00 am - 2:00 pm PST (2:00-5:00 pm EST)
KSM credit ($520) or audit ($320).      We are grateful to Wycliffe College for permitting our students to join their Zoom classes.  Please note:  No Wycliffe credit will be given to KSM students.

This course is an introduction to the theology and practice of evangelism in contemporary North American society. We will look critically at different evangelistic practices in the light of biblical narratives of conversion, and consider how healthy evangelism is cultivated and lived out in the life of the Church through the building of personal relationships, teaching, preaching, outreach and worship. Students will be introduced to the writings of key thinkers and practitioners of evangelism while being challenged to develop their own ability to share the gospel with others and to cultivate churches that are evangelizing communities. This course will require a weekly 3-hour class and will include lectures, readings, in-class exercises, reading notes, book reviews, field work and an integrative paper.