Season of Vocation

Green Church

Donation to UBC

Archbishop John Privett invites every member of the Diocese to a time of reflection and prayer, beginning in Pentecost, on the very personal matter of vocation. It begins with a simple question: “What are the gifts, talents and qualities God has blessed me with in my life?”   And then follows a second question: “How am I offering those for the mission of God in the world?” 


The Diocese of Kootenay has donated its refund from the Residential School Settlement fund to UBC to support a cultural safety curriculum addressing barriers facing indigenous people’s access to health care.  Click on the picture to view the video (2:45)

CBC’s national news program, The World This Weekend, features a story by reporter Bob Keating. Four spiritual centres in south-eastern BC, including St. Saviour’s, Nelson, are committed to going carbon neutral by 2050 and they hope other public buildings follow suit.  Click on the photo above for audio (1:33)


Our diocese is abundant with activities and celebrations. Click to learn more about our current news and upcoming events.

The five-year Together in Mission Campaign launched Sept. 21, 2014. Please keep the whole diocese in your prayers.

The Kootenay School of Ministry runs courses to prepare Locally Trained PriestsDeacons, and Licensed Lay Ministers for ministry work.