Annual Statistical Reports
Please use the forms below.  Do not use forms saved from last year as some have been changed.  It is fine to email these forms to    You do not need to snail-mail them.  If you would prefer Excel versions of these forms, please email Bonnie Bailey or call her at 778-478-8310.  The completed forms are due at the Diocesan Centre by February 28, 2019.

General Instruction Guide

A - Directory of Officers
B - Certificate of Election (does not apply to Episcopal Election Jan. 19, 2019)
C - Statement of Income and Expenses
D - Cash Statement
E - Property Statistics
F - Parish Statistics
Annual General Meeting Reports and Draft Minutes (please send)

Archival Search Request

Bishop's Parish Visit Form

Clergy Vacation Form

Confirmation Candidates' Form

Creative Ministry Fund Application

NEW Criminal Record Checks - procedure has been changed as of August 5, 2019. Please read the document and then contact Kathryn Lockhart for the form.

Expense Claim Form (Revised January 1, 2019)

Faith Formation Fund Application

Lay Ministry License Application Form (revised March 2017)

Monthly Parish Remittance Form

Personnel Commission Nomination Form

Pre-authorized Payment Form (PAP) (Revised Dec 2017)

Rufus Gibbs Trust Application - considered by Prov. House of Bishops. Application deadline October 31

Workers' Compensation Form 2014