Upcoming Meetings

The next meeting will be September 21-22, 2018 in Nelson, BC
Click here for complete agenda (47) pages from the three emails plus EEC Report sent Friday


Click here for the agenda items (22 pp) emailed Sept. 12.

In addition:
Emailed Sept 13:
Clergy Compensation Report 2019
Salary Grid Jan 1, 2019
Sept. 11/18 email response from G. Holland
East Kootenay Region Report

Emailed Sept. 19:
Exec. Archdeacon Report
Financial Statements to July 31, 2018
2019 Budget Vision
Central Okanagan Region Report
South Okanagan Region Report
Refugee Committee Report



Bishop of Kootenay:  Vacant
Dean of Kootenay:  Nissa Basbaum (Administrator)
Chancellor & Registrar:  Geord Holland
Vice-Chancellor:  vacant
Treasurer:  Gerald Fitz-Gerald
Clerical Secretary:  Leon Rogers
Lay Secretary:  Stafford Brandrick
North Okanagan Region:  Elizabeth Peto
Central Okanagan Region:  vacant
South Okanagan Similkameen Region:  Paul Glen
West Kootenay Region:  Elizabeth Huether
East Kootenay Region:  Anne McMichael
Executive Archdeacon:  Trevor Freeman (ex officio)
Youth Rep:  vacant
James Cowan
Katherine Hough
Sandra Stickney
Gwen Chapman
Richard Fish
Pam Harris
Michael Murison
Peter Stafford