At the beginning of the process, the Parish discernment team, the Wardens and Incumbent along with the Candidate will need to attend a training session based around the history, development and ministry of the Diaconate. Prior to ordination there will also be a study session with these same participants and the Bishop, on the Diocesan polices regarding Deacons. This study session will include the writing of a parish covenant with the Ordinand.

6.1 Parish Training Information

Training will be on a date set by the Parish and the Diaconal Commission from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. (times may vary) The Parish will need to provide a morning refreshment break and a noon meal for the participants. It may be better to have everyone bring a bag lunch rather than preparing a meal.

Equipment for the Parish to supply for the Trainer:

  • a flip chart

  • markers

  • masking tape

Equipment that each participant needs to bring:

  • pen

  • paper

  • Bible

Please have sufficient copies of the Book of Alternative Services (BAS) available for the participants.

Please photocopy the articles entitled:

  • “The Deacon as a powerful symbol”

  • “Called to serve God and to serve God’s creation”

  • Core Values needed by a candidate

  • Diaconal Principles of Ministry

These need to be distributed to the Discernment/Support group(s) (if they have not already received copies) and to the Church Committee, before the training, and need to be read in preparation for the training. You may wish to have some copies on hand for other interested members of the Parish.

6.2 A set of questions will be sent to the Parish before the training. The discernment/support group(s) and the Church Committee need to discuss them together and attempt to answer them.

The following people should attend from the Parish:

  • Members of the discernment/support group(s)

  • The Incumbent

  • Members of the Church Committee

  • The candidate for the Diaconate and spouse or partner, if applicable

  • Any member of the Parish who is interested in learning more about the Diaconate


6.3 At the conclusion of the Training the participants will have:

  • An overview of the scriptural and historical basis of the Diaconate

  • Explored both the symbolic aspect and the functions of a Deacon

  • Explored the distinctiveness of the Diaconal Order, and how it differs from the other two clerical orders of the Church, and from lay people

  • An understanding of the Parish expectations of the Diaconal Programme

  • An overview of the discernment, formation and training required by the Kootenay Diaconal Programme

  • An understanding of what “being under orders” means for the candidate, as well as for the Parish