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Are you called to be a Deacon?

Is God calling you

  • to serve God's poor and marginalized in your communities?
  • to be an advocate for social justice and compassionate action?
  • to be a leader, teacher and nurturer of the church's servanthood ministry?
  • to preach?

Training is provided through the Kootenay School of Ministry, an education that comes to you!

We offer a training program consisting of nine courses, leading to the Certificate in Ministry Studies.  This is the recognized training program for the Diaconal Program in the Diocese of Kootenay.  Click here to see the Diaconal Program.

A Deacon

  • is ordained in the Church of God. 
  • is trained locally rather than going to seminary.
  • works part-time and on a volunteer basis.
  • is in a collegial working relationship with a parish priest.

A Deacon may have any one of a number of different kinds of outreach ministries; may serve a family-sized parish; or a program-sized parish; or participate in the life of any of the church configurations in the Diocese of Kootenay.

The Diaconate is a full and equal order of ordained ministry in the Anglican Church of Canada, with distinct responsibilities and leadership roles.  Although the roles and functions differ from those of a priest or bishop, their ordination is equivalent to the other two orders.

Deacons are called to bring to the church and to the community the needs of the hungry, the poor, the neglected, the lonely, and those suffering injustice.

Deacons are called to be a bridge between the church as a gathered worshipping community and the pain, needs and broken-ness of the world.  It is a Deacon's vocation to call all the people of God to join in living this servanthood ministry as we, the people of God, go about our daily lives.

If you are interested, contact the priest in your parish or The Ven. Christine Ross, Director of Deacons, at or 250-762-8408.