The Spiritual Development Committee has developed a resource package for the Diocesan Day of Prayer and Fasting as we prepare to gather and elect our Bishop. 

People may participate in this day as individuals or in a group.  The prayers provided below are written to be used either way.  It is intended that these prayers will be modified to meet the needs of each group or person participating   If you are participating as an individual, and have a busy day planned, you may want to use one or two of the daily offices rather than all four.  Or if you are participating as a group, you may want to make room for people to move in and out of the group as they are available. 

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There are four prayers, one for each of the Daily Offices:

People are encouraged to consider fasting for this day.  Fasting means different things to different people.  For some, it means drinking water only.  Others include juices, tea and coffee.  Some have smaller portions of food, and avoid meat and desserts. Do what feels right for you.   If you are diabetic, pregnant, nursing an infant, have health concerns, are young or older, it may not be wise for you to consider fasting from food, but you may choose to fast from something else, such as using social media.  Fasting is not essential, but can be very helpful for some. It is a traditional aid to prayer.  The sensation of hunger is a reminder to focus on our God.

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Resources that will be helpful when participating in this day of discernment for the election include:

  • Common Praise hymn book, if you are going to pray through music

  • BAS / BCP or other prayer book

  • A Bible

  • A list of the names of candidates for Bishop

  • A list of names of delegates, both lay and clergy, who will be representing your region during the election

You may like to consider using the prayer for the Episcopal Election throughout the day, especially if you are not able to participate in all the Daily Office prayers. 

If you do not find anything in this resource package that will be helpful and would rather use other prayers, please feel free to use other prayers.  This package is a resource only and is not meant to be prescriptive. 

Let us, together, seek for guidance and wisdom for candidates and delegates as we continue through the process of electing a Bishop for God’s church.

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